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Posted by Carlo Oller on

I know it sounds cliche...

but I would not be here without YOU.

Specially now...after millions of views and followers most of my videos have been flagged and limited by YouTube because they are NOT suitable for all viewers. 

What is this world we are living in that medical education gets flagged and violence, threats, nasty pranks, explicit posts still get million of views?

I would love to hear from you here, on this new website...leave your comments and support below!


  • Yes, you tube has become so unreasonable. I love your videos Dr. Oller!

    Kendra on

  • How can one subscribe to an email of your blog videos. I think you are a great teacher and enjoy your videos very much.
    Thank you

    LInda on

  • YouTube has lost its mind. I think they will soon go to a pay to view only app. The fact they are keeping SHOCK videos on and eliminating all of the educational medical materials is INSANE. I have been watching you from the beginning and will continue to follow you wherever you go Dr. Oller. Don’t let them get you down. Your amazing ?

    Melody on

  • I’ve been following you on YouTube since mid 2015 and I love your videos. They show so much of the prep for a procedure and the procedures themselves. It helped me be less afraid when I had some procedures done this past year. Maybe that sounds dumb. But it’s true.

    I also appreciate how you share your faith. It’s so wonderful to see someone who is honest and open about their faith and their struggles.

    Keep on keeping on!!!

    Kacey on

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