The GOOD, GOODER, GOODEST, and the UGLY cases (all in 24 hours)

Posted by Carlo Oller on


  • I watched this twice tonight. You validated my feelings as a provider. My fears, my hopes, my prayers. I get excited with my patients and feel so very discouraged if their outcomes were poor. How do you get past this? How do you not dwell on those feelings of am I good enough?

    Sarah Campbell on

  • Being a nurse, I think you did amazing on all. We all make mistakes but you also can’t foretell everything! Good save on the sepsis!

    Valerie Roark on

  • I love your ER videos!! You are such a great doctor :) i get so excited when I get a notification from your channel. Keep up the good work!!

    Scarlett Spencer on

  • You are a wonderful doctor, highly skilled and very compassionate towards your patients. Please don’t become discouraged, following the “ugly” case. Less than ideal decisions are bound to happen. But, overall, you do a terrific job. Were l in need of an ER doc, l would want it to be…you! NEVER doubt your place, as a doctor!

    Becky Bent on

  • Dr. O!! Please stop!! You’re a great Doctor! Shoot, if you could see the ER Doctors we have at Mercy Gilbert you would understand and KNOW HOW AMAZEBALLS YOU ARE! You actually give a shit!(sorry) I have had the misfortune to have to go to this particular ER recently due to a severe scorpion sting… (more like 4 stings on 1 foot & 1 toe!) I started having issues swallowing and then breathing. Then My whole body became numb to where I couldn’t walk! Poison control called ahead for them to have the antivenom ready for me when I was brought in and guess what….I sat there in the lobby having issues with my breathing and throat swollen for over 2 hours! So, I say again Sir… You are an amazing Doctor and please remember you’re only human! Even though you caught everything in time and never sent a patient home!
    Cheers Dr. O!
    Andie in Az

    Andie on

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